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Introducing the Ignition Credit Dealer App

Ignition Credit is pleased to work with an increasing number of businesses that act as dealers, using our services to offer finance to their clients. By offering a finance option, businesses that sell equipment are much more likely to make the sale. We work to ensure that this partnership benefits the dealers and their customers alike.

One of the reasons that Ignition is the preferred asset finance partner for many of our dealers is because of the phone App that we launched earlier this year.

Ignition is now working in partnership with over 150 equipment dealers that have signed up for the new App.


How Does the App Work?

How Does the App Benefit Dealers?

When developing the App, the overriding objective was that it had to be simple to use and effective. We believe we have achieved this objective and our dealers agree.

The App is assisting equipment dealers of all sectors to increase sales and we believe it could also benefit you.

Getting Started with the App

The App is free and simple to use. We send you the link to place upon your desktop or smartphone.

If you are a dealer who wishes to get the App activated, just e-mail us at info@ignitioncredit.co.uk and we will guide you through the process.

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